You would like to give a friend or family member an unforgettable gift and experience?

Have you always wanted to try flying yourself?

TRY GLIDING - Buy an Air Experience Flight for yourself or a Gift Certificate for that someone special


Enjoy the unique and surreal feeling of silent flight across the beautiful Bathurst countryside.

The adventure begins with your friendly instructor giving you some safety instructions and demonstrations - this is the time to ask all those questions! Once this is all done you’ll take the front seat of your sleek glider while your instructor flies from the rear seat. 

After a smooth take off, our tug aircraft will tow you to a suitable height, and the glider is released.  Now you can sit back and enjoy the unique thrill and tranquillity of silent flight that only gliding can provide.

If you are keen, you can fly the glider "hands-on" - taking control after we demonstrate the basics of flight to you in the air.  As the experience comes to a close, you will gently glide to a smooth landing, ready to jump out of the glider with a huge smile on your face.

Serge Ray March 2017


What does it cost?

  • A local Air Experience Flight of approximately 20 minutes - $250
  • A longer, more scenic "Mount Panorama Special" flight of approximately 30 minutes - $300.
  • All prices include a mandatory temporary Gliding Federation Australia membership


How can I buy an Air Experience Flight?

Dress Code:

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Be aware of UV exposure at altitude. Apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat (the Akubra probably won't fit in the cockpit so a hat with a soft brim or with a limited peak is probably best).  We have Bathurst Soaring Club hats for sale if you want or need one. 


Additional Information:

Gliders are weight critical. Due to operational limitations, it might not be possible to take people over 100 kg for a flight.

Weather is also another important factor - sometimes the weather may not be suitable (or comfortable) for that spectacular first flight. Check in with us on the day.

A trial flight is a great way to dip your toes in the water. If you love it, and would like to learn to fly yourself, check out our membership options. We offer a number of short-term or annual memberships. click here